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Please be patient, as some features and content are still under construction and soon to come.

My artwork has been described as ‘The Kitchen Sink’. Not because it’s a pile or a bunch of dirty dishes! Rather that there are all kinds of stuff in there, and a fun variety. To explain a little better, the subject I am working on dictates the style that I create that work of art in. The consistency comes through from the color use, and the brush strokes, or what some call ‘the artist marks’. I love to create artworks that are fun, interesting and have at least a little beauty to them. And each is a bit like a kid’s doodle or drawing. So of course, my influences are diverse as well, and I hope to speak to that in my blog (which is under construction).

What I’m up to

Currently, this website is a small sampling of projects I have done. Many of the works featured here are for sale or are showcasing the types of work I enjoy doing. In the future, we will be developing an ‘art for sale’ feature. During the time period this is under construction, please feel free to contact me directly regarding any work you are interested in.

Currently on view

Some of these paintings and more are currently showing at Pablo’s Pizza, in Fruita. The address to go and see these is: 456 Kokopelli Dr. Fruita 81521. Please come by and see some really good art, and have some really great pizza!

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